The Spiritual Hub Family


Elders Bill and Bonnie

The Grandparents of our Family also known as Mushum and Kukum, Bill and Bonnie have travelled from Alberta, helping people on their spiritual journey and teaching the wise old Teachings of the Grandfathers and Grandmothers, with The Native Teachings Bill and Bonnie love to help and be a part of the Spiritual world as we know it.



As a strong and Powerful spiritual healer and wise one, Vince has been practicing Magic for over 20 years, by far one of the best readers you will encounter, no Sugar coding as he is straight to the point with his readings. Vince also practices Healing Touch Therapies as the love of healing and bringing you back to central health and well being


Amy and Jackson

Amy comes from a long line of Gypsy Readers and Spiritual intuitive, hiding her magic for many years. As a healer she performs Kitchen Magic and more.

Jackson bringing out and supporting her Spiritual side has been her best support to the Magic world.


Lianne Phillips

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